Remove old Wireless Network Profiles in Windows 8.1

You can access Wi-Fi profiles and this can be also a problem because your device saved Wi-Fi spots.
So this can be solve easy with this commands to show this profiles

netsh wlan show profiles

and then remove the profile:

netsh wlan delete profile name="profile_wifi_name"

News – The RAD Studio XE5 now free for 30 days.

This trial includes Delphi and C++Builder and HTML5 Builder under the RAD Studio XE5 – FREE for 30 days.
You can download this offers from here.
You can use RAD Studio XE5 app development for building true native apps for Windows, Mac and mobile.
The price for RAD Studio XE5 can be found on this link.
Login into your account then download the trial. You will receive one mail with your trial Serial Number.
Install the trial and also create your member account.
Also the trial come with Android features for applications.
The next image show us the IDE using Delphi to make Android applications.

Blender 3D – version 2.7 anf MakeHuman – export file mhx .

New Blender 3D version 2.7 series has been released with new features. Also the MakeHuman 3D software come with Blender 3D export file.
This is fix and make more easy to working with 3D file – mhx.
After you create and export your character under MakeHuman you need to make some settings under Blender 3D.
First go to File – User Preference – Addons (tab) and search this addon and check it:
If you receive this error then is need to activate Python.
This it’s simple to do it. Just use same path : File – User Preference – File (tab). .
The character created with MakeHuman will be insert into 3D Blender view.
See the next image rendered with Blender 3D.
One good feature of MakeHuman is the way to make the character object.
You can see how easy can be animated under Blender 3D.

News: Android Wear

Android Wear extends the Android platform to a new generation of wearable devices – first step watches.


Also the Android Wear Developer Preview allow you to enhance your app notifications to provide an optimized user experience on Android Wear.

News – VLC for Windows 8 .

Today, VLC for Windows 8 was launched to the store. See more here.
VLC has been released as an application and can be installed on Windows RT devices in the future.
Windows 8 users desktop had the option to install VLC regularly on their system and use it.
The VLC is not available for ARM devices. It only supports x64 and x86 processors.
Also you can find for your android devices this android VLC.