If you trying to apply a global text string with a replacement, then use this:

The your_sql_table is the name of the table. The field_from_your_sql_table is the field with records where will be found and replaced words. The wrong_word is the word search and replace by good_word

This is the default cube on Blender 3D. Delete this cube using keys: Shift+X. Use the keys to add Monkey object: Shift+A. Let’s see the result. Now will make some tricks. Step 1: use key I and select LocRotScale, see below: Use the keys R and Z, type 90. This will… Continue Reading Create your isometric character sprite with Blender 3D.

You can use nmap by using the PPPoE Discovery protocol. Just use your script with broadcast-pppoe-discover.

See below the example:

You can see more about nmap on this site.

You can test if the sendmail application is installed and working correctly.

If you go on and see the message with “Hello world” then is working. The mail command allows you to send emails from Linux terminals and to make some tricks for you.

Let’s see some of… Continue Reading Send emails from linux terminal.

I use to Linux commands: scanimage and convert. We can see the script below:

Write the script in a text file. Named the script with this name scan.sh. Run this :

The output will be:

You can use any name for the output. As we see in… Continue Reading Simple bash script : scan and convert the image in JPG format.

During bootup, the system will execute scripts and updates and queries runlevel information for system services. Each service which should be manageable by chkconfig. These tools manage services that are started up by scripts in the /etc/rc.d/init.d directory. This command in Linux that allows you to control what services start.… Continue Reading Using chkconfig to control initscripts

Minitube 1.7 is released, but Fedora 16 come with 1.6 version. First, the Minitube is a YouTube desktop application with it you can watch YouTube videos. A nice second option, you can type a keyword and Minitube gives you an endless video stream. You can read more about this software… Continue Reading The Minitube software : the new YouTube desktop

The FASM is a self-assembling open-source 80×86 assembler forDOS, Windows and Linux. It supports all 8086-80486/Pentium instructions with MMX, SSE, SSE2 and with more features. FASM contains many programming options and features. The source code can be written in different ways because of control directives, macros, and management of resources.… Continue Reading Programming with FASM – first steps .

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