To make sure that you are connected to the right secure website you can use Fingerprints website. You compare the fingerprint of its certificate in your browser against a trusted source that provides you with fingerprint records. Looking up fingerprint certificates because each web browser handles this in a different… Continue Reading Use Fingerprints to check web server’s secure connection certificate.

Wikipedia tells us: A vacation or holiday is a specific trip or journey, usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism. This not really true. If you have your tablet with Android OS and one good idea don’t let it pass just use AIDE. You can find AIDE here. So… Continue Reading Using AIDE – interface and settings.

Sometimes your application can request more memory to run. This is very simple ,just add in your <application> tag : true. The developers told us how can be used:

Read the SDK feature from here.

If you use Mozilla browsers like Firefox, Iceweasel or else the is a way to make it faster. Just disabling hardware acceleration seems to have made Firefox open drastically faster. Go to browser settings Options – Advanced and uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available, see next image:

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