Monthly Archives: February 2017

Bash: Get IP and IPv6 address and interfaces.

First use this commands to see your IP and IPv6 address and interfaces.

Now if you want to use this every day, just open your .bashrc file from your home folder. Add these functions to the .bashrc file:

Now open a new terminal shell and use it:

Network and Windows – Wi-Fi and invalid ip address;

Start Command Prompt as administrator and use these commands to solve this issue:

The first command reset winsock and the second reset TCP/IP stack. 1. Windows Sockets API (WSA), later shortened to Winsock, is a technical specification that defines how Windows network software should access network services, especially TCP/IP; 2. This common protocol on… Read More »

Linux: How to fix the Shellshock vulnerability.

About the Shellshock vulnerability, you can read here. Run this command:

If you see this:

You have a Shellshock vulnerability, to fix use this:


JavaScript – geolocation.

This is a simple javascript to take the geolocation and show it on a webpage. The example starts with a default HTML 5 page and the part from tags scripts get the geolocation and using innerHTML is shown on the webpage. To see the location then is need to use this: navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition.

Useful commands for linux – part 001.

Today I will come with some useful commands for your Linux. Some commands need to be installed into your Linux, like ImageMagick. With ImageMagick software you can generate an animated GIF:

This command of ImageMagick will resize to 50% all your png files from your folder:

Use this command to put top command… Read More »