Another example, the DISM command can enumerate a list of installed device drivers from your Windows operating system.

To get more information about the driver named oem0.inf, use this:

Today I will show you how to make a SideBar addon with Google Apps Script. This tutorial is very simple. Open one sheet into your google drive account. Go to Tools – Script editor … and that will open a new tab into your browser with the script editor. Save… Continue Reading Google Apps Script – addon example – part 006.

The Opera browser comes with a good feature named Continue where I left off. Go to Settings – On startup and you will see these options: Open the start page Continue where I left off Open a specific page or set of pages Select the Continue where I left off… Continue Reading Opera browser – the last websites visited option .

About Easy Code. This assembly tool which utilizes a visual component-assisted programming environment for the assembly language. The Easy Code IDE tool comes with a graphical user interface (GUI) and objects components. One good feature is integration with MASM32, MASM64, GOASM, JWASM/UASM/ASMC, FASM, and PoASM assembler libraries and tools. You… Continue Reading Easy Code IDE tool for the assembly language .

This python package is written in pure Python 3 to access the IMDb’s database and used it. You can read about this python module from GitHub. The development team comes with this DISCLAIMER to read the IMDb’s conditions of use on their website. First I start the install process with… Continue Reading The IMDbPY python module for IMDb website.

Google comes with a new feature for development: one subscribes online tool button for YouTube channel. You can insert youtube channel button on your page by using this tool. This online tool lets you configure an embedded subscription button for your channel by using Channel Name, ID, Layout, Theme, Subscriber count.… Continue Reading JavaScript – Google add subscribe online tool button for YouTube channel .

This query will fix the error mysql error 1140 (42000).

I got this error “Class not registered” when I try to see images under my desktop. This message has many aspects of origin which led me to use a utility for checking and removing the backdoors. First, you need to read about this tool: Norton Power Eraser uses our most… Continue Reading Security – Power Eraser fix error message “Class not registered”.

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