If you want to hide a function for the run area in Select function, then you can use in the end of declaration the underscore character _: This example will hide the addBookmark_ function from Select function area:

This simple apps script can get an image from the web , save it and return the URL from Google Drive.

This type of new redirect link to the new project is a new way to write permissions to google apps script. This new way comes when you use the steps: – create a document; – write source code; – try to have permission to google account; This can be fixed… Continue Reading Security – Insecure redirect new project by Google Apps Script.

We apologize for missing items or if some are still incomplete. The free-tutorials.org website has been targeting attacks in the past. Most of them resulted in language changes and the deletion of the source code. The attacker targeted specifically java source code for Android and malicious language to English. The… Continue Reading The free-tutorials.org website has been attacked.

Using this script, you can add a label to your Gmail account.

The GmailApp don’t let you to use the category feature.

This tutorial shows you how to read old emails from category Forums by a number of days. The script is simple and has just one function. I started like any project with one document and one new script with authorization of Gmail.’ You can read these steps with my old… Continue Reading Google Apps Script – read old emails from gmail category – part 018.

This simple script will add a bookmark into your page and will insert a text into the document project. The script needs to have the fix_cursor() add into the scripting area to avoid the crash cursor. The fix_cursor() source code can be found on my previews tutorial. Let’s see the… Continue Reading Google Apps Script – add bookmark – part 017.

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