You can see on the official website the latest release for version 8 on March 4, 2021. The current name is from Hypertext Preprocessor and previously had a name originally Personal Home Page. Although they have not solved their bugs – internet development is very versatile and this fact has… Continue Reading PHP – First steps with the PHP language – part 003 .

I haven’t paid attention to the PHP language lately and decided to continue the first tutorial. In this tutorial, I will use the online tool from In my example I will show you: using the echo function for display; combining HTML code with PHP; using forms to send data… Continue Reading PHP – First steps with the PHP language – part 002 .

Most websites are under attack but have multiplied lately. I could exemplify with additional data how much waste of time and effort is consumed and stupidity … I protect against hacker attacks and bots, use a malware scanner and integrity checker. My user activity log and multi-factor authentication. Here is… Continue Reading Security – Ineffective attacks on web pages.

In C# the internal keyword can be used on a class or its members. Today I will show you how to use the internal accessibility level with members of the class. All types and type members have an accessibility level. The accessibility level controls whether they can be used from… Continue Reading C# – First steps with C# and .NET – part 029 .

The Feedburner team released a system update announcement, that the email subscription service will be discontinued in July 2021. FeedBurner has been a part of Google for almost 14 years, and we’re making several upcoming changes to support the product’s next chapter. … Starting in July, we are transitioning FeedBurner… Continue Reading News: FeedBurner will be discontinued in July 2021.

The Kindle Cloud Reader is an app that lets you read Kindle books online. It is free and web-based, meaning that readers can access it from any web browser of choice, just by visiting Amazon launched the Kindle Cloud Reader in 2011 as an alternative to its Kindle eBook… Continue Reading Web – Read Kindle eBook on the browser.

A programming model which is mainly organized around the objects is called Object-Oriented Programming or the Programming named OOP. There are five basic pillars or concepts in OOP. Encapsulation Data Hiding Specialization Polymorphism Division of Responsibility Encapsulation is a process of binding data members (variables, properties) and member functions (methods)… Continue Reading C# – First steps with C# and .NET – part 028 .

The tutorial for today is about system entities in Dialogflow. Each intent parameter has a type, called the entity type. Because are many entities then you need a system entity. The system entities allow agents to extract information like address, emails, currency, and phone numbers, favorite options like colors, foods,… Continue Reading Google – Starting development with Google and Google Assistant – part 004.

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