Monthly Archives: October 2021

Google Apps Script – annotations – part 039.

This is a simple example with Google Apps Script and geocode feature.

The result is this:

Web – Share content easy.

This tool comes with many features but the main feature I like is this: I can share my work development on android and share the APK application file with my phone device for testing. This comes with a google play application that lets you share content with your mobile phone. You can find more info… Read More »

Web – online tool for WebAssembly.

WasmFiddle lets you compile C/C++ code to WebAssembly and run it in the browser. The JavaScript harness on the right has several global variables and helper functions. wasmCode: Uint8Array The compiled WebAssembly buffer. wasmImports: { … } This object is automatically generated by WasmFiddle for your convenience. It’s a template containing function stubs for each… Read More »

C# – First steps with C# and .NET – part 047.

Extension methods enable you to “add” methods to existing types without creating a new derived type, recompiling, or otherwise modifying the original type. Extension methods are static methods, but they’re called as if they were instance methods on the extended type. see the official website. Let’s see one simple example:

In this example, you… Read More »

Windows – kalk tool.

This tool named kalk is a powerful command-line calculator app for developers. In addition to the standard functions found in classic calculators, kalk provides several unique features: – Enhanced user experience within the command line: syntax highlighting, completion, brace matching, cursor on error, user-defined keyboard shortcuts… – Vector/matrix types and functions similar to the HLSL… Read More »