About IPv6 DDoS attack and RA flood attack – 001.

About: IPv6 DDoS attack using router flooding.
This is extremely dangerous! Why? Because: A single device can instantly stop all the Windows machines on a Local Area Network.
See how you need to disabling router discovery:

I changed my real … with {___….___}.
Next step is about : netsh int ipv6 set int “[int number]” routerdiscovery=disabled
Let’s try one example :

This will disable Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1. No need if you don’t test your software with “Loopback” or your OS don’t need it.
Also can do this :

this will turn off Router Discovery on all servers and any other machines that do not need Stateless Autoconfiguration.
System administrators can disable router discovery. The machine will discard any RA packets.
Also, RA flood attack is appeared in many operating systems ( see this video to understand more…)

Also, you can see a demonstration from Sam Bowne new ra flod attack.

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