Active Presenter and HandBrake – record desktop and reduce video size.

This tutorial will show you how to solve the problem of creating a tutorial video for YouTube.
I used two software, one for content creation called Active Presenter and one called Hand Brake, for optimization and control of video settings.
The Active Presenter software is great software if you want to record and create a video tutorial.
The only problem is the size of the resulting video.
Here’s how to solve this.
After creating the content with the first one, use the export function with the .webm extension to ensure a fairly flexible format.
With Hand Break you can make several optimization settings for video and sound. In my example, a simple file without sound, after loading the resulting file, I checked only the option: Web Optimized. This reduced the size from about 44 Mb to about 10 Mb.
Here are two images of these operations:

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