Android emulation with Intel® HAXM.

The Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager named Intel® HAXM is a a hardware-assisted virtualization engine that help Android application emulation on a host machine.
You need to install it from here..
After that you can run the commands to install it, see the next image how to do it:
Update tool from Android with Android SDK Tools to the last version. Also, check if the memory of HAXM is exceeded by emulator memory. You can see that into log windows of the bottom of Android Studio when you start the emulator.
Also, you need to have all Android Studio SDK update because you can try to use some functions from the new Android SDK.
Be advice when you start the android project. If the emulator works slow then try to use new hardware.
Also check BIOS to enable virtualization.
After that when you run the Android Studio into emulator then you will see it’s working.

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