Android Studio – Countdown timer.

Today I will show you how to create a countdown timer application using the Android Studio version 3.4.1.
The primary reason why I have not written any Android Studio tutorials is a problem with technical resources.
This version of Android Studio seems more promising for the user, but it also has problems that I have encountered.
One problem I find tedious is the gradle configuration.
Another problem is memory loading during development.
I had to use the cleaning system and the IDE clean and build tool to resume development.
All this happened with a simple example.
Let’s begin this tutorial about Countdown timer application using the Android SDK version 8.0.
You can download this application from Download – Application or from this link.
Start with a now Basic Activity project using Java programming language.
You can use Kotlin if you want.
Configure the build.gradle file in this way:

Use this for activity_main.xml file:

The next file is

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