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born 1976, Falticeni , Suceava , Romania

Windows – fast install of GitHub.

If you want to quickly install GitHub in Windows, then you can use PowerShell and the winget utility, like this:

Godot – files in C# in Godot game engine.

Today I tested a new source code with the Godot game engine. The source code recognizes the drag and drop operation for text and image files.

News : Windows 10 KB5026435 released.

You can find it on the official webpage database. Here’s a list of all bug fixes and improvements: Microsoft fixed an issue where the touch keyboard failed to open. Microsoft fixed an issue that broke Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) cluster. Microsoft fixed an issue where policies did not apply correctly to mobile device management (MDM),… Read More »

Google Apps Script – reading and store feeds from feedly website – part 055.

You need to have an account with feeds on and create a on this website. Open your google drive , create a new spreadsheet and open the Google Apps Script editor. This will allow to use this source code and the result of the running will be add into your spreadsheet:

C – Testing ncurses on linux – 007.

Today I will show a simple source code with two functions. This source code will try to read from a file named level.txt a string like this: 101010100000011111101110101010101 and show empty spaces and square ASCII based on this string. You can compile this source code from a file named screen.c like this:

Let’s see… Read More »