Sometimes your application can request more memory to run. This is very simple ,just add in your <application> tag : true. The developers told us how can be used:

Read the SDK feature from here.

If you use Mozilla browsers like Firefox, Iceweasel or else the is a way to make it faster. Just disabling hardware acceleration seems to have made Firefox open drastically faster. Go to browser settings Options – Advanced and uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available, see next image:

This is another tutorial about Android Studio features. Today I will show you how to use git, GitHub and using git AndEngine. First, go to VCS menu -> Checkout from Version Control. You will see GitHub and Git. See the next image and start Git to clone the source files.… Continue Reading Android Studio – tools and features – part 003

Although it looks like an old video tutorial, the steps required to create an animated gif file are the same. This video tutorial is made with older versions: GIMP and Fedora Distro, but it can get the same effect with the latest versions of Gimp and other operating systems: Linux… Continue Reading Create animated gif file with Gimp .

This is another tutorial about Android Studio features and tools. Today I will show you how to create screenshots for your application. This can help you to promote your Android work. First, you need to connect your device. You can read my tutorial about how to do that from here.… Continue Reading Android Studio – tools and features – part 002

The new Android Studio comes with many tools and features. Today I will show something new about this great IDE. First, the simple way to add your Android Studio to your Linux distro. You can open Android Studio, click on Tools > Create Desktop Entry. The Android Studio will notify… Continue Reading Android Studio – tools and features – part 001

Google just announced Android Studio, an integrated development environment for building apps. This IDE is based on IntelliJ IDEA and works as a WYSIWYG for creating Android applications. You can get this IDE from here. It’s working under OS platforms: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. I used under Fedora… Continue Reading First look about Android Studio 1.0.5 running with Fedora distro.

Node.js is a platform for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Download the archive from here. Unarchive and you can use it.

The nodemon can be used during the development of a node.js based application. How? will watch the files in the directory that nodemon was started. Also, it… Continue Reading Working with node.js and nodemon – part 001