The addon can be found and enable it by using File->User Preferences->Addons. After you enable this addon. Just use the keys: Shift/A->Mesh>Extra Objects Menu. You will see two types of objects. Diamond Gem This is the objects will see in 3D View. Let’s make a render of this objects. You… Continue Reading The Extra Objects addon – blender 2.65.

About the pdftk tools, we can read the options using –help. We can see many examples and features… See the description of this tool.

Let’s try some simple examples. extract all the odd-numbered pages:

extract all the even-numbered pages:

extract the pages 25 to 30 and create… Continue Reading Using pdftk to change pdf files.

Using standard C library sysconf is very simple. See all about sysconf.

The source code is this:

I use stdio.h and unistd.h libs. Also, I have two vars tmp and tmp2. This vars will take the result of _SC_NPROCESSORS_CONF and _SC_CLK_TCK using sysconf. Use the gcc to make… Continue Reading Using standard C library sysconf .

Install povray-3.6 You need to download it from here. Unarchive the povlinux-3.6.tgz in your user home folder. Let’s install it. Press U and select /home/YOUR-USER/.povray. See the output.

As you see the YOUR-USER is your user. Now, edit the config file to working with arbaro:

Make these settings:… Continue Reading Install povray and arbaro under Fedora .

You can create and debug your PHP project locally and then deploy it on the remote server. To do this, you need to set up and run configuration using an FTP or SFTP connection. First, an open project with PHP Application from Remote Server. In the next wizard window we… Continue Reading Remote Web Server PHP using the NetBeans IDE

This is just a new function to uncompressing many files like: .tar.bz2,.tar.gz,.bz2,.rar,.gz,.tar,.tbz2,.tgz,.zip,.Z,.7z Open .bashrc file from home/user folder. With your text editor and add the next function on the end of the file.

Open a new terminal. This will work with the new function from .bashrc.

What is Alice? The – official website provides a quick introduction. Using an innovative 3D programming environment that makes it easy to create animations or games, the Alice Project seeks to provide tools and materials for a conceptual core of computational thinking, problem-solving, and computer programming. The Alice Suite… Continue Reading Alice – 3D educational programming environment – installation .

If you make android applications then in this tutorial you’ll learn how to create an Android project. The easy way is to use adt bundle linux. To use the ADT bundle Linux you need to install JRE and JDK.

You can get from oracle website. The ADT Bundle… Continue Reading Create first android project using adt-bundle-linux-x86