How to make run Counter Strike 1.6 on Windows 7. Click on the Start button. Use right-click Computer and then select Properties. Click on to the Advanced System Settings. Open the Performance Settings button, then click on to the Data Execution Prevention tab. Check now the box named Turn on… Continue Reading Windows 7 and Counter Strike 1.6 .

Simple python script to start the OpenOffice software. This script starts OpenOffice software. The script uses the following modules:

Now we define the arguments for each software OpenOffice:

The next step, we define a function that will start OpenOffice software. See below:

We use a variable to… Continue Reading Python and OpenOffice – Start OpenOffice.

I tested for these types of files AVI, FLV, MP4, and WebM. There are two problems that can occur in this case: The film is small as a dimension and allows sharing without having to consume disk space or time. In this case, we will use this:

The movie… Continue Reading Splitting your film in images with ffmpeg

A common problem that can occur is the following: You made a backup of your files and have installed a Linux distribution. You realize that one of the backup files is a Nero image type: nrg. On Linux, I do not have found a solution using this type of file.… Continue Reading Convert .nrg to .iso file under linux

What is Web Storage? Web Storage is a specification that was a part of HTML5 and it also named DOM Storage. The developers usually only store user and/or session identifiers in cookies, and then use databases to use the rest of the user data. The limitations of cookies are: –… Continue Reading Working with Web Storage – part 001.

If you defragment your Windows or store your files in NTFS partitions, you can defragment the NTFS partitions using Linux OS. You must run disk management commands as the root user by using the root account.

… and give your root password when prompted.

In this case, the… Continue Reading How to defragment NTFS partitions using Linux