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Convert text to HTML using regular expressions and Geany.

Open a blank page and write this text in Geany:

Press CTRL + H and make changes as shown below:

regular expressions

The text will be ahead html paragraph tag.

regular expressions

The text will be the end of the paragraph html tag end of each line.

So I turned a simple text in html source code.

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Addons on Blender 2.5 – Installing an addon using Python

Start Blender 3D version 2.5 or higher.

At the top, choose File menu and then User Preferences … or press keys Ctrl+Alt+U

See the picture below:

Click the button Install Add-on …

A dialog will appear and you can select the script with that addon.

In this case his named

The script will be found in the User Preferences window on Camera Add-Ons section.

See image:

Let’s talk now about the script:

The source code does not have too many issues that can not be understood.

It is divided into three main parts: the first addon declaration, the second is to declare the two classes and a third room for registration.

The source code is not complete. It is made only for illustration.

It is good to read and on this wiki

The GUI result is show in next image.

I will return with a more complex tutorial on this topic.

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Create html file with bash script.

We will present a more special method of using the Linux command line.

This method comes in helping those who need to text or html content.

In fact a combination of Linux commands to get an output.

Suppose we have a list of jpeg files in folder image.

They should exist in to html to be displayed.

As we know an image has the form:

The list of file is :

My method uses two commands : ll and awk.

First, I will display files:

I created one variable f1 .

In these variables put the beginning of each line:

We add two sed commands.

First remove the space before the file name.

The second will add the rest to complete the link.

The xargs command is used with echo and print the first part of the link.

Finally we use <<< aaaa.html to output the HTML file.

And this is the final command:

This is all.

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Using wget tool

Download entire site , use command :

I you want the pages that site links than use :

If you want to download only jpg files, then use:

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error: ‘memset’ was not declared in this scope

If you receive: error: ‘memset’ was not declared in this scope

Fix it by including: #include <cstring> in the source of C++file.

If you use C than use : #include <string.h> .

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