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Windows PowerShell – first setup.

The Windows PowerShell remoting features are supported by the WS-Management protocol and the Windows Remote Management (WinRM) service. So, Windows PowerShell is a new Windows command-line shell designed for system administrators. If you got this error show below , than is need to make something.

First , you just need to learn a few… Read More »

XP and msconfig settings

Click Star and click Run, type msconfig , then click OK. You will see something like image below : On General tab you can select one of this : Normal startup : load all device drivers and services Diagnostic startup : load basic devices and services only Selective startup : your own settings Launch System… Read More »

Blender 2.5 – Glare and Defocus

Today I will show a simple way of connecting nodes. In this way we get connected glare and defocus. Start the Blender 3D software version 2.5 with the default cube, see below. We will select a texture for the cube. Go on Node Editor Click on Textures node Now we will add Defocus effect. Go… Read More »

Installing and configuring the Eclipse IDE – Google Plugin for Eclipse

Installing and configuring the Eclipse IDE is easy. Write this command in the console:

You will see the Eclipse IDE and related packages. First we will install Eclipse IDE:

Start Eclipse IDE from menu Application – Programming – Eclipse. You will see the following image: (Click on images to see a better resolution.)… Read More »