Blender 2.5 – Indirect Lighting

I will present the technique of indirect light in Blender 3D.
What exactly is indirect light?
Lighting is mixed from direct sources and indirect reflection.
Lighting provided by reflection usually from the wall or ceiling surfaces.
In daylight, this means that the light coming from the sky or the sun is reflected on a surface.
In a way: the reflected light is called indirect light.
I’ll start with my example plan divided into four.
I selected the four squares in the center and we extruded as shown below:
indirect light image
You will need two materials with which to work.
One will be based and the other will apply the indirect light.
In the figure below, it shows how to add such material in the Material tab.
indirect light image
The base material I have called Base.
indirect light image
I added a material which we have called indirect-light.
This material is a blue color.
In the picture below you can see the two materials and rendering.
indirect light image
As you can see there is no effect of indirect lighting.
For this, I will make some additional settings.
Look at the picture below. Indirect Lighting must be enabled in the World tab.
indirect light image
Here the effect of indirect light with some settings made make by me.
indirect light image
This is a short tutorial about setting indirect light.

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