Blender 3D – Create texture from procedural material.

First, you need to have one good procedural material.
You can see I used a wave texture link to the Principled BSDF node and this to the default material node.
This will create procedural material with distortions.
If you want to create a texture for your object you need to use these steps:

  1. Select Render engines with Cycles;
  2. Add an Image Texture node into the node area;
  3. Select this image in the Image View area;
  4. With this active image texture node, select on Bake area – Bake Type to Diffuse and press the Bake button.

After that, you can save the texture from the Image View area with Save As or using short keys: Alt + Shift + S.
You can see in the next screenshot where are these steps:

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