Blender 3D – the measurements addon .

This addon helps us with info and data about measurements with Blender 3D working and output.
If you have used this addon you need to delete it from these folders:
\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.78\scripts\addons
\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.78\scripts\addons

The install is easy, just open the menu from File – User Preferences … – Install from File…
The tool can be found into the left area of Blender 3D screen on the Display tab ( press T key to see the Panel with Display tab).
One simple example is to see the angle of the cube.
So select the Cube object, press Tab key for edit, select with the Shift key and right-click mouse three vertices.
With all three vertices press Angle button to see the 90 degrees.
If you want to see the area then you need to select four vertices and then press the Area button.
You can see the distance to the origin with the Origin button.
The size of the edge can be seen with two vertices selected and using the Segment button.
To put a label, then select just one vertice then add your text and color on MeasureIt Configuration.
Now you can press the Label button.
For rendering the result image is store for UV Editing and can be selected as an image for UV;
The last version is 1.70 and comes with new features and changes:

  • Redesign of Mesh Debug, Configuration, and N-panel settings layouts ;
  • Added option to rotate text and measurements by angles specified in degrees ;
  • Added option to horizontally align text to left, center, or right ;
  • Added option to expand or collapse all N-panel settings ;
  • Added options to Mesh Debug to display indexes of scene objects and mesh edges ;
  • Added options to Mesh Debug to display object and vertex global locations ;
  • Fixed bug causing NoneType errors when measurements were drawn off the screen ;
  • Fixed bug preventing vert locations from displaying unless vert index option was enabled ;
  • Fixed bug preventing mesh position from updating when using MeasureIt’s Render button ;
  • Fixed ensure_lookup_table bug when geometry with measurements was edited ;
  • Hid most/all adjustment options when they would have no effect;

The addon can be found here.

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