Blender 3D – Using OpenGL include addon .

I have many source code to deal with OpenGL. The main goal comes when you need to put objects into the environment.
Even you use C, C++, C#, assembly language or python – PyOpenGL module this will give you some problems when you need to import 3D objects.
With this addon from here, all you need is more good.
The main reason I like this addon comes with all data and info to work with 3D files.
If you think is more simple to use .obj file then you have some hacked problems.
First, the .obj files can be changed and if you use just some parts then you need to parse it.
The add-on creates one .h file header and also has a good structure of date.
Go to the link – shown on the top of this tutorial, unarchive and put into:
C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.73\scripts\addons
If you install Blender 3D, just put into your path under addons folder.
The next pictures will show how to use this:
Use your editor to see the output.

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