Blender and Python – First steps.

On console, you use the command ./blender or blender.exe (if you use windows OS).
This is a need to see the output of the script.
Split your window on two. Click right on the bar and select Split Area like on next image.
As we see in the image below, you need to create a new file.
You can use Copy and Paste to copy some python scripts. You can create New, Save or Execute Script scripts.
3D  3D
I create a simple script :
import Blender
import sys
obj = Blender.Object.Get()
print str(obj)

Use keys Alt+P to run this script. The result should be this :
This output is from my scene because has Camera and Lamp objects.
You can use python script with Controllers. You must activate the “Enable Script Links.
3D   3D
This is just a simple tutorial on how to use python script with Blender 3D.
You can create more complex scripts.
For example to process topographic data or features of Blender 3D.

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