C# – First steps with C# and .NET – part 003 .

This tutorial shows you how to deal with a C# and forms using Visual Studio Community 2017.
You need to start your project with C# – Windows Form Apps (.NET Framework).
On this default form window project, you can change the title and some settings like size, colors.
After that, you need to add edit box and label for each area from the country, city street and number to window form.
In my example, I used text_country for the name of the edit box and I let default label1 for the label. The text from label1 I changed to Country to see it on the form.
Make these changes for each edit box and label.
You need to have one button named search map point and one web browser area to show the location on the map.
Next, press on the button and make the changes into the source code to work with the web browser area.
The source code is simple – see bellow source code and the application screenshot.
The application can be found here:

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