C# – First steps with C# and .NET – part 004 .

This tutorial is about how to start with an Empty project, use packages, add a class, and finish the project.
First, you need to start with an Empty Project from the main menu: File – New – Project.
Select the Windows Desktop – Empty Project adds the name of your project.
I named my project TerminalGui_001 because I used a package from NuGet named Terminal.Gui.
Use from the menu the Tool – Nuget Package Manager – Package Manage – Console to open the command shell for NuGet packages.
Into this command shell – is into the bottom area of Visual Studio, type this:

This will install the Terminal.Gui package into your project.
Now you need to add your C# class.
Use right-click on your project tree structure and select Add – New Item… or keys Ctrl+Shift+A or just search the menu Project.
This will open a dialog and you need to select Class and name your class.
I named my class Ex001.
Now you can use the features of a package named Terminal.Gui.
About this package, you can read more here.
My example is simple and uses some controls to understand how is working.
Let’s see the source code:

Use Build – Build Solution or Ctrl+Shift+B then press the Start button to run it.
Let’s see the result of this source code:

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