This tutorial is about how to start with an Empty project , use packages , add a class and finish the project.
First you need to start with an Empty Project from the main menu : File – New – Project .
Select the Windows Desktop – Empty Project add the name of your project.
I named my project TerminalGui_001 because I used a package from nuget named Terminal.Gui.
Use from menu the Tool – Nuget Package Manager – Package Manage – Console to open the command shell for nuget packages.
Into this command shell – is into the bottom area of Visual Studio , type this:

This will install the Terminal.Gui package into your project.
Now you need to add your C# class .
Use right click on your project tree structure and select Add – New Item… or keys Ctrl+Shift+A or just search the menu Project.
This will open a dialog and you need to select Class and name your class .
I named my class Ex001.
Now you can use the features of package named Terminal.Gui.
About this package you can read more here.
My example is simple and use some controls to understand how is working.
Let’s see the source code:

Use Build – Build Solution or Ctrl+Shift+B then press the Start button to run it.
Let’s see the result of this source code:

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