C# – First steps with C# and .NET – part 006 .

Today, I wrote this article – tutorial because I read much about C# programming and I tested myself the position of freelancer into the area of programming.
In my opinion, a good programmer is a freelancer with skills in the management of information and knowledge in the areas of technologies.
According to the definitions and theories learned, the information and its processing must be perceived beyond the theory and must be physically implemented to a real beneficiary and the project and implementation management must have a wide implementation area and be defined at the level structural.
The programmer removes the intervention of the human factor from the classic operating area and positions it in a user-defined structure.
First, all programming languages are good and solve many tasks for people if the developer knows the base of programming and the most part of the features of the programming languages.
I started in the past with simple C# example using the console application and old Windows Forms, simple Unity 3D examples and the last step was the Unity 3D examples with advanced programmings features like Structures data, Enumerate, Interface and so on.
Now, the last C# comes with version 8.0, see a short introduction at What’s new in C# 8.0.
The new C# 8.0 comes with the supported on .NET Core 3.x and .NET Standard 2.1.
If you take a look at .NET Core 3.x and .NET Standard 2.1 webpages, you will have a huge area for information and documentation.
For many developers team and complex tasks, these are very important to know and some of these are crucial for the success of the developing project.
This is the main reason why we find on the internet issues already debated by developers.
For a beginner, freelancer, or advanced developer, when they change the programming language, these areas of interest are differently perceived and accessed depending on the basic informational content and the assimilation experience.
Another element that supports this information is the I.D.E. Visual Studio 2019 that helps you from the opening of the project.
Here is the opening of a project based on the C # language that uses UWP – Universal Windows Platform.

You can see my option to start a project.
I used the first base Blank App for a new project, this allows me to build in time and fix it step by step.
My experience with another I.D.E. and G.U.I. is linked with this option and bugs.
The secondary option I used when I worked with templates and I want to use a specific development design.
The templates design option can be difficult, your project will fill with many source code and you need to use it and fixed.
The C# programming language is beautiful and strong and lets you solve complex problems result from the area of solving programming tasks.
I can exemplify some big features that include news for interface implementation and with the new C# 8.0, an interface may define a default implementation for members.
It may also define static members in order to provide a single implementation for common functionality.
With the new C# 8.0, you can create and consume streams asynchronously and supports asynchronous disposable types.
You can use pattern matching gives tools to provide shape-dependent functionality across related but different kinds of data.
Let’s take for example a simple task like build a simple game.
In my opinion, the C# programming language comes with powerful features and can be used from basic tasks to very complex tasks.
If you want to start developing games in a professional way then try Unity 3D with C# using the interface and complex data structure.
You will see is easy and fast, but you need to know how to link all of these to have a strong source code.
I cannot tell that about C++ with all old problems like constructors, destructors, virtual class, and polymorphism or for Java and Python.
Some information about the importance of C# programming language can be found on the web with the limitations and the noise generated by each source of information.
For example, Python is faster to install and download and is simple to use versus another programming language where is needed to install an I.D.E. like Visual Studio or Android Studio.
Anyway, I can show you some examples like Google trends into the last five years or the last year report from insights by stackoverflow.com:

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