C# – First steps with C# and .NET – part 061.

The difference between Build Solution, Rebuild Solution, and Clean Solution in Visual Studio comes from the development process.
The Build solution will perform an incremental build. Compiles code files like DLL and EXE that are changed. Builds any assemblies which have changed files. If an assembly has no changes, it won’t be rebuilt.
The Rebuild solution will clean and then build the solution from scratch. Deletes all compiled files and compiles them again irrespective. Rebuilds all assemblies regardless of changes but leaves intermediate files.
The Clean solution will remove the build artifacts from the previous build. Just deletes all compiled files DLL and EXE file. Delete all intermediate files.
The difference between Rebuild vs. Clean and Build.
A difference is a way the build and clean sequence happens for every project.
Build means compiling and linking only the source files that have changed since the last build, while Rebuild means compiling and linking all source files regardless of whether they changed or not.
Sometimes the versions of project target components can get out of sync and rebuilding is necessary.

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