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Fix error: Blender 2.78 alpha – hardware 3D error.

This is the error  from Blender 3D hardware .
Blender 3D fix error
I got this error with version 2.78 alpha – maybe is the same error with old versions.
Also you will see this under window console this text:
Warning! Using result of ChoosePixelFormat.
Warning! Using result of ChoosePixelFormat.
Warning! Legacy WGL is unable to select between OpenGL versions.

This error will break your Nvidia driver and Blender don’t want to work.
To fix this you need to:
– restart the computer/ laptop;
– open Blender 3D software again;
– very important: change your render hardware settings to your video card.
I used CUDA and the old blend file know about hardware settings and will crash your Blender if you don’t set this again.

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CGTune – settings on the fly to CGMiner.

This website come with one program how make changes to the CGMiner settings on the fly without shutting down and restarting the application. Just put on CGMiner folder then add  the following command line parameters to CGMiner .bat file  –api-listen –api-allow W:
To make settings just open one terminal and use the next commands.
Caution: Some settings permanently affect the operation of the video card.  CGTune requires that all commands parameters use two dashes.

Command Line Parameters

–gpu [a]
–pga [a]
–cpu [a]
–switchpool [a]
–enablepool [a]
–disablepool [a]
–gpu-enable [a]
–gpu-disable [a]
–gpu-restart [a]
–gpu-intensity [a,b]
–gpu-memclock [a,b]
–gpu-engine [a,b]
–gpu-fan [a,b]
–gpu-vddc [a,b]
–pgaenable [a]
–pgadisable [a]
–pgaidentify [a]
Display CGMiner and API version information
Display CGMiner configuration settings
Display CGMiner miner summary
Display status of each pool
Display GPU, PGA and CPU with their details
Display GPU [a] information, where a = 0, 1, etc.
Display PGA [a] information, where a = 0, 1, etc.
Display CPU [a] information, where a = 0, 1, etc.
Count number of GPUs
Count number of PGAs
Count number of CPUs
Switches to pool [a]
Enables pool [a]
Disables pool [a]
Enables GPU [a]
Disables GPU [a]
Sends a restart request to GPU [a]
Sets the intensity on GPU [a] at [b] intensity
Sets the memory clock on GPU [a] at [b] MHz
Sets the GPU engine on GPU [a] at [b] MHz
Sets the GPU fan speed on GPU [a] at [b] percentage
Sets the GPU voltage on GPU [a] at [b] volts
Tells CGMiner to shut down
Display last status / history count of each problem
Enables PGA [a]
Disables PGA [a]
Flashes PGA [a] (if supported)
Display device with a list of their static details
Restart CGMiner
Display device and pool statistics
Display coin mining information


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Blender 3D – crystal toon with nodes.

Today I will show you how to make one crystal toon material using nodes under Blender 3D software.
First you need to have one object and then to select Cycles Render. This allow you to use nodes.
Add one material to your object. Open your Node Editor window and use this nodes:
Use Shift+A keys to find the nodes. For Maximum use Math keyword and change from Add to Maximum.

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Blender 3D – unlink wood cycles material.

As you know Blender 3D let you to link parts of your scene to another scene.
If you want to change it then you need to make this local.
For example , today I will show you how to do one raw wood material with cycles node editor.
Use your object and add one material and named it: wood.
Using node editor make this material:
Press F12 key to see the result. The result will be like this:wood001
Save your scene and then open another scene and then using this keys Ctr+Alt+O to Link to Library your material wood.
You will see you have the material wood into new scene. If you want to change this material then you need to make it local.
To do that select your material and click to the arrow like into image bellow:

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Blender 3D – addon to export your model online.

After you make your model under Blender 3D you can share it with one great addon to this website.
This is my model share with this addon:

Split wood 001
by catafest
on Sketchfab

To add this addon go to File – User Preferences – Addons and search with this word: sketchfab. Check this addon and the presss Save User Settings.
Make your model with materials , UV maps, textures and normal textures to have a great model.
When your model is finished then press T key to see the left panel and you will see Upload tab (first is Tool tab and the last is Upload).
You need to have a account to the website. Fill with your email adress and then you need to press OK button to get one mail with the Api Key. Because you cannot put with copy paste from your mail to Blender 3D use this tips and tricks.
Copy your Api Key from your mail and open a text into Blender 3D – TextEditor and then use copy – paste to fill the input named Api Key.
With your 3d model then just press Upload and then after few seconds View Online Model button to open browser with your model under sketchfab website.
See this image for setup your Api Key with your token:

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