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Blender 3D – using nodes – part 001.

Compositing is used quite frequently in Blender to make rendering faster, add images, make distortions, make the render look more realistic, and much, much more. Used with nodes – an entirely different way of visualizing the graphical programmable shaders , 3d and rendering.
First open your Blender 3D and go to : Compositing.
In this tutorials I just show you how to deal with nodes. So you need to set your render and / or your material object from scene and will deal with that. You can used Shift+A keys to add your nodes.
You can select one node or multiple nodes if you use the Shift key.
If you have many nodes then you can use M keys to mute the selected node.
This will bypass the entire node / nodes and will reconnect the first with the next node.
The Ctr+X keys will delete the node / nodes .
The Alt+D will disconnect the node.
If you want to duplicate your node / nodes just use Shift+D keys.
You can duplicate your node / nodes with your connections then use : Ctr+Shift+D .
Some connections will be the same from one node to many nodes.
You can put together with this:
– select your nodes connected and then drag with your mouse over connection with CTR key pressed, see this next steps :

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crazybump – software for textures.

This software help you to generate textures for 3D objects.
You can download this software from here – version 1.22.
With one window preview you can see the 3D object with your texture.
Also this software can open many image files.
It’s easy to used with many features.
The next textures generated by this software:
– normal map;
– display map;
– occlusion map;
– specular map;
– color map;

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Blender 3D – interaction and hotkey presets.

Blender 3D software got a welcome addition of interaction/hotkey presets.
You can select it from Blender 3D splash screen.
You can bring the Blender 3D splash screen by clicking on little icon from Blender 3D.
You can select from : Blender (default) , 3Dsmax , Maya.

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Make low poly fir tree with Blender 3D.

This will be the final result of this tutorial, I hope you will find this helpful.
First, open and save the scene with the name fir-tree or named it with your file name project.
The next step is to remove the default cube with Delete key or X key and press Enter key to remove it.
Press Shift + A keys and select from Mesh – Cylinder.
The see if you have the this Panel in the left of the screen. If is not just press T key to make it visible ( working like on / off swich). Change the number of the vertices to 8, see the next image:
Now will need to have a Front Orto view, so press key 1 and 5 from Numpad ( you need to have Num Lk on).
Press G+Z keys and move the cylinder up to red line ( this means the cylinder it’s under x-y 0,0 horizontal plane).
Press Tab key – this will allow you to edit this object. Press A to deselect the vertices and Z – this allow you to select the back size with vertices.
Select with B key the bottom of this cylinder and press G + Z . Move this selection to make the height of leaf litter.
Press S and scale this selection to make the top of the tree.
Press Ctr+R and after press 5 to make 5 sections – press Enter key or left mouse button. Then press A key to deselect this.
For each section of the tree will make same changes.
First , move the mouse on the first area of the top selection and press Ctr+R – will see another color line , move this to the bottom and press Enter key – the limit will be the top of the next section. Press S key and scale this selection.
See the next screenshot:
After we make this changes for all sections will go to the next step.
This is a bit difficult. You need to select with Alt key and right mouse button and then with Shift key – this will make the old selection – all this rings , see the next image:
With this selections press G and Z key and move to the bottom like in the next image:
Press Z key and Tab key to go to the Object Mode. Click on the material and press New button.
Press on Diffuse material , and select green color and darkness like this:
The last step is to make the the tree’s trunk.
Add one new cylinder , scale it , move it under the first cylinder. Make one brown material for tree’s trunk.
Select Camera position to see the tree when press the 0 key from NumPad and press F12 key to render it.
You can also try to change the subject. You will gain the skill and accuracy with time.

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Programming with C# and Unity 3D game engine – part 002

Today I will show you how to install Unity 5 for free.
First will need to download it from official website – free download.
You need to follow this steps: Select Unity 5 Personal Edition.
Fill with your email adress and password from Unity website account.
Select your answers …
Press the blue button Start Unity and will be ready to start your project.

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