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Android emulation with Intel® HAXM.

The Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager named Intel® HAXM is a a hardware-assisted virtualization engine that help Android application emulation on a host machine.
You need to install it from here..
After that you can run the commands to install it, see the next image how to do it:
Update tool from android with Android SDK Tools to last version. Also check if the memory of HAXM is exceeded by emulator memory. You can see that into log windows of bottom of Android Studio when you start the emulator.
Also you need to have all Android Studio SDK update because you can try to use some functions from the new Android SDK.
Be advice when you start the android project. If the emulator works slow then try to use new hardware.
Also check BIOS to enable virtualization.
After that when you run the Android Studio to setup your emulator then you will see it’s working.

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Android Studio 2.0 – fix old projects.

Today I will show you how to fix easy to old android projects.
The new version of Android Studio
First try to build your android project. If you see this red X on your android studio then you need to fix it. So I click on app button. This will open one window – Edit Configuration. Then will see on this link: Update Project. Click on this link an will make the update.
Some android projects will come with some events log. For example to align the news from Android SDK and the Android Studio configuration. For example : the next image show us is need to fix android platform that by click on: Install missing …
After that try to build and run your old project.

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Android no title application .

Using this example will change the title of android application to don’t show us the title.
You need to set some features:
This will be the result of the example:
This it’s the new and only changes of

Also , If you got some errors about build tools over your project , then you need to set up like this:

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Android transparent background.

This is result of my application.

This android application can be updated with your features when you need to see the background.
For example a simple clock or something else.
First you need to create one default android project.
This will make all your files to working like one simple android aplication.
Now the changes come with this file ( AndroidManifest.xml) :

The changes from

Another file you need to change it – activity_my_clock.xml.

… the styles.xml file:

Most users got some errors with R.layout.
This error come when you not set the correct settings of Android Studio.
So try to add your Project Settings the correct dependencies:
Errors can be annoying , but if you know everything that happens in Android Studio you managed to solve it.

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Droid@Screen – very fast android emulator .

You can download this utility from here.
Make sure you have Java setup on your machine and that the java executable is available in the PATH.
You also need to enable USB debugging on your device.
Let’s test it with this command:


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