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Bash: Get IP and IPv6 address and interfaces.

First use this commands to see your IP and IPv6 address and interfaces.

Now if you want to use this every day, just open your .bashrc file from your home folder. Add this functions to the .bashrc file:

Now open a new terminal shell and use it:

Rename multiple files by cutting first part , the end or in middle of name under Linux – part 001.

You can see the images I make with Screenshot application and is named like :

When you want to rename multiple files recursively is very good to know how is finally format name. It’s tree way to deal with this issue. First you can cut the first part , the end or in middle… Read More »

Show all big files using find command in current directory.

Open your terminala and type this command:

This will show you all big files that are are greater than 100 Mb. Also you can open .bashrc file and create this function.

Restart your terminal. Now just use size with one argument of the size files.

Using grep and many commands under Android OS .

The BusyBox combines tiny versions of many common UNIX utilities into a single executable. You can find this command under android os. Using busybox is simple. The first argument is taken by busybox and it’s applet executable. For example if you want run dmesg with grep command then use this:

All applets include:

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