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Linux .bashrc to extract many archives

This is just a new function to uncompressing many file like: .tar.bz2,.tar.gz,.bz2,.rar,.gz,.tar,.tbz2,.tgz,.zip,.Z,.7z Open .bashrc file from home/user folder. With your text editor and add the next function on the end of the file.

Open a new terminal. This will work with the new function from .bashrc .

Simple bash script to create folders, files and images .

How to create a series of directories using a standard format.

Let’s see the result :

Delete all this folder is easy , just use this command:

How to create a series of text files using a standard format.

Let’s see the result :

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Simple bash script : scan and convert the image in JPG format.

I use to linux commands: scanimage and convert. We can see the script below:

Write the script in a text file.Named the script with this name Run this :

The output will be:

You can use any name for the output. As we see in this example I used firstscan.

Parsing files and rename …

Sometimes you have to rename files. This can be tiring when we do it manually. Command “se” may be helpful in this case. I’ll take a simple example. I will create a working directory called “work.” We have to create files with the command:

The result should be :

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How to change bash custom prompt ?

By default, shell prompt is displayed hostname and current working directory. It is composed of some variables called: PS1 – default value is \s-\v\$ . PS2 – default is > PS3 – is used as the prompt for the select command PS4 – default is + and value of this parameter is expanded a to… Read More »