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Using Blender 3D screencast keys addon.

The new Screencast Key Status Tool have been added to this new release 2.60 . You can find it in part of the Blender AddOn Distribution. Just go to User Preferences -> Add-Ons section. Please see the picture below: Press now the N key and this will activate in the tab View3D -> Properties panel… Read More »

Blender 2.5 – Indirect Lighting

I will present the technique of indirect light in Blender 3D. What exactly is indirect light ? Lighting is mixed from direct sources and indirect reflection. Lighting provided by reflection usually from wall or celiling surfaces. In daylighting, this means that the light coming from the sky or the sun is reflected on a surface.… Read More »

Unwrapping a mesh under Blender 2.5

The Blender 2.5 has a number of options available to map the UVW coordinates of an object. The “UVW map” is a result of process. This result is essentially a set of co-ordinates use to tell them how a texture image is supposed to be applied over the surfaces of a model. Go on UV… Read More »