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Aligning normals in Blender 3d: Ctrl + A

Sometimes when the model in Blender, normals go haywire. Any attempt to fix the normals recalculated normals recalculated outside or inside, fail. This is the case exemplified in the image below Just go on Object Mode select object and press keys Ctrl + A . In that case you’ll be forced to reset transformations (… Read More »

Blender and Python – First steps.

On console, you use command ./blender or blender.exe (if you use windows OS). This is need to see the output of script. Split your window on two . Click right on bar and select Split Area like on next image. As we see in the image below, you need to create a new file .… Read More »

Blender < 2.5 and MakeHuman - not finish

For this we need two softwares Blender 3d and Makehuman. The first step will open “makehuman” determines his character and settings (see image below): Then saves the object collada. In this case “name_of_file”: The next step will load the object through the blender scripts. More specifically through File -> Import -> COLLADA 1.4. The script… Read More »

Simple effect in Blender 3D: Depth of Field (DOF)

The concept of DOF (depth-of-field)  is to use information about Z values, and use it to blur objects. The more out of depth they are, the more they are blurred. This is a simple example : I used a cube. Then I multiplied by the modifier array. It can use other objects. I selected “Node Editor.… Read More »