Old tips and tricks with Ogre and Blender.

Blender is an open source 3D content creation suite.

Ogre 3D is an 3D library for multiple desktop and mobile platforms.

But is a problem between this tow way.

The last Blender 3D not have yet a script to export the mesh to last Ogre 3D.

What we can do ?. It’s a simple way to make all working.

Use old version of this two and you can also use old video cards.

After you make all settings of code::blocks to use all Ogre librarys, you need to use some tricks.

First , in your source code you need to tell about this:

This means the all three files is using by 3D engine.

On Linux first file – plugins.cfg it is on my distro:

But is because I use an very old video card.

Let’s see the next file – ogre.cfg.

As we see it’s easy way to set some settings like 600 x 400.

The ogre.log it’s use to show the problems.

Let’s see another step in source code:

This load the file – resources.cfg.

Let’s see this file:

The YOUR-USER is your user home folder.

The YOUR-PROJECT it is the folder of project code::blocks.

The OGRE-FOLDER-MEDIA is folder of all files is export by Blender 3D.

Let me show my simple example using NVIDIA FX video card.

The next image show us one 3D object wich is a mesh object.

ogre blend

After I make all materials and mesh with same name.

I use the script to export ogre mesh using the 2.49a version.

ogre blend

The next two images show the settins I need to make to have a mesh.

ogre blend
ogre blend

Also you keep just the object you need to export.

You can use a simple C++ source code to render with Ogre Engine.

ogre blend

Irrlicht – 3D Engine – Part 1

What is Irrlicht Engine ?

The Irrlicht Engine is an open source 3D engine.
This engine is written and usable in C++ and also available for .NET.
The engine is completely cross-platform using D3D and OpenGL.

How works ?

Download the irrlicht from http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net.
I will show how this working on Linux. I use Fedora 12.
In this tutorial I will show how to used Irrlicht 1.6 .
The new version – irrlicht 1.7 is used in same manner.
First i install libs of OpenGL and g++.
See below , i used yum command in super user mode:

Now in same manner,you will install g++:

First, i downloaded both arhives of irrlicht–1.6.1 and irrlicht–1.7.1, see this command:

Now, go and write on console this commands :

You will see something like this:

This will take a time…

As you see , this will build all examples.
Finally you see some errors , don’t worry.

In this moment you can run all examples (see /irrlicht-1.6.1/bin/Linux/).
Let’s try one:


If you will try to run all examples and you have a old graphic card not all will run properly.

Some examples run only on console because you need to select driver.
You will see this message :

The tools from Irrlicht

The Irrlicht has some tools to helps users.
The directories from tools folder is :

Only GUIEditor, newFontTool and MeshConverter works on Linux.

See now how compile the GUIEditor

When you compiling GUIEditor you see some errors:

But, GUIEditor running well.


See now how compile the newFontTool.

The output file is Fontool on /bin/Linux/


See now how compile the MeshConverter.

The Irrlicht 1.7.1 will be installed in the same way.
I tried that.