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how to reset django or create another superuser.

If you know your username (for example : admin) then use this:

Also You may try through console to see and chenge the password: Use bash console and start the django shell:

Now use this django script:

If you don’t know the username then you need to create another one.

XSS sanitization on django – variables and templates

XSS attacks allow a user to inject client side scripts into the browsers of other users. Using Django templates protects you against the majority of XSS attacks. To do this you need to protect your templates this code:

If you need to disable auto-escaping for an individual variable, then use the safe filter:


python 3.2 and django 1.4 – installation

Although most of us prefer the python version 2.6, today I tried to install the latest version of django and python 2.3.2 . Make a new folder , named test-dj .

On the official site, I got the two archives:

I will start with the installation of python. We unzip the archive:


Setting up Django with nginx on Windows XP

To use Django need to know some basic things. What is Django, where you take and how to install. How it works Django and how it tested. What additional softwares and settings you should do to work properly. What is Django, where you take and how to install. Django is an open source web application […]