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error: Error parsing XML: unbound prefix

The error I got is:

The problem is I mistyped a word in file XML.

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error: cannot find -lSDL_image

You need to install:

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error: invalid conversion from ‘void*’ to ‘HFONT__*’

It is common error when you write or read the C source code.

I might encounter when I compile with code::blocks one C file.

You won’t get that error if you compile as C file. But you got the next error if you compile like a C++ program.

So , you need to make an explicit typecast , like below:

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Segmentation fault : error 6 in ld- .. .so

You can solve this error:

by using this:

If you want to execute the prelink script daily , then go on:

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error: ‘__stdcall’ was not declared in this scope.

We can solve this error with this:

After the error your code source have this:

Replace that with:

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