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CRYENGINE – about Lua programming – part 1.

First I make this tutorial because lua language is used not only CryEngine … Most game engines used this language programming. Because I used the 64 bits into Cry Engine I will use the LuaCompiler from this folder : C:\CRYENGINE\Bin64>LuaCompiler.exe About Lua if you read the official website you will see this : Lua is […]

Ogre 3D and Code::Blocks – first part unfinished

My son has 2 years old. I had to make a little game to keep him busy. Little known to push so I used the arrow keys to make it more interesting. This is the source code.

When you run the project, you will see the following picture: The result is : First Ogre […]

Writing a basic game with C++ and OpenGL libs – part 1 .

This is a first part tutorial about linux game using C++ and OpenGL libs. Writing a C++ game can be difficult. You will need to focus on program structure and then to know how to create the necessary classes. Let’s see the files I used:

The main.cpp file is the main program. This file […]

Old tips and tricks with Ogre and Blender.

Blender is an open source 3D content creation suite. Ogre 3D is an 3D library for multiple desktop and mobile platforms. But is a problem between this tow way. The last Blender 3D not have yet a script to export the mesh to last Ogre 3D. What we can do ?. It’s a simple way […]

Irrlicht – 3D Engine – Part 1

What is Irrlicht Engine ? The Irrlicht Engine is an open source 3D engine. This engine is written and usable in C++ and also available for .NET. The engine is completely cross-platform using D3D and OpenGL. How works ? Download the irrlicht from I will show how this working on Linux. I use Fedora […]