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Google Apps Script – reading and store feeds from feedly website – part 055.

You need to have an account with feeds on and create a on this website. Open your google drive , create a new spreadsheet and open the Google Apps Script editor. This will allow to use this source code and the result of the running will be add into your spreadsheet:

Google Apps Script – get notification from GitHub account – part 054.

Today I will show you a Google Apps Script that resizes all images from a Google document up to 16 cm. Create a new document add some images, and from the main menu select the script editor and add this script with your google_document_id and the size of the images in cm.

Google Apps Script – get notification from GitHub account – part 053.

You need to have a GitHub account. Create a new token by following these steps: Go to your GitHub settings. Click on “Developer settings”. Click on “Personal access tokens”. Click on “Generate new token”. Select the scopes you want the token to have (in this case, make sure to select the “notifications” scope). Click on… Read More »

Google Apps Script – search YouTube by query and date – part 051.

This simple example tutorial shows how to get a list of videos from youtube based on a query search. The query is defined like this with the q for word of search, a published after date, and more …

This is the source code:

This is the result of running my source code:… Read More »

Google Apps Script – Google Analytics API service – part 050.

This is a simple example with Google Analytics API service settings. You need to add the Analytics service version 3.

The result is shown in the Google Apps Script editor with Logger.log :

Google Apps Script – custom google search engine – part 048.

This Google Apps Script can get a label email and parse the content with regular expressions. In this case, it is an email sent by google and the script will search by the label “alerts” then the result is parsed with regular expressions to find a title and a description. The primary condition is to… Read More »