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Assign keys on Linux

Setting special keys on linux !

I use “Fedora 9“. Use “System” -> “Preferences” -> “Personal” -> “Keyboard Shortcuts” .


You will see this dialog :


You have this options:

“Sound”, “Desktop”, “Window Manager”

I select “Desktop” for example :


How configure one key ?

Use left click mouse button on old key from right .

See on next picture “New shortcut…” and now press the key you want to assign.


This is all i want to show !


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Loki – render farm

What is Loki software ?

If you  having several computers work together can greatly decrease the total time needed.

Loki Render is a cross-platform job queue manager for rendering 3D frames.

Loki Render distributes the rendering of Blender 3D images named frames across several computer.

How to install the software ?

You can download this software from : .

Extract the zip file.

  • Windows: double-click “lokiRender_062.exe”.
  • Linux/Mac/Solaris: browse to the extracted directory and run ““.
  • Or, on all platforms, just run something like “java -jar lokiRender_062.jar“.

How to set Loki software ?

I try this software with a blend file created with blender 2.49.

I use two computers .First  is server on Fedora 12 and second is on XP .

On File -> Preferences ( Ctr+P ) you can set the role of rendering . I set “Master and Grunt” on Fedora 12

and “Grunt” on XP. You can set the limit of memory space .

On second tab “local grunt”  you need to set the PATH of blender ( on Fedora is /usr/bin/blender.bin) .

The same settings must be set in Windows XP. The other settings are for advanced users.

render farm

How to add job on Loki software ?

First click on “Jobs”  – >  “New”  ( Ctr + N keys) . This will be open a new window.

render farm

Press “Browser” button to add your blend file. The result will be on “Output Directory”.

You can set “First Frame” and “Last Frame”. The result will be set of images from first on last frame.

This is a screenshot of Loki software running:

render farm

The official site :

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How to set up an external webrowser on Eclipse IDE

This tutorial is made for version 3.3.2 of the Eclipse IDE.
I will show how to set up an external webrowser.
First start Eclipse program. Go to the main menu to Windows. See the image below:

tutorial Eclipse image

Click on the General to display options.
See next image:

tutorial Eclipse image

You will find below Web Browser. It is set to Default system Web browser. See picture below:

tutorial Eclipse image

Click New to add a new web browser. A window will appear as shown below:

tutorial Eclipse image

In the next picture you can see the path and name of my Web browser.

tutorial Eclipse image

In the next picture you can see the path and name of my Web browser.
Put all necessary data to your Web browser and press the OK button.
We see as my web browser added.

tutorial Eclipse image

Go back to the Windows menu. Then go on to Web Browser and click on your external web browser.
Here you can set your web browser working.
See picture below:

tutorial Eclipse image

That is all.

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Yumex on Fedora

Yumex – best GUI to install packages on Fedora

You need to use this commands to start “yumex”


[mypc@home ~]$ su
[root@home mypc]# yumex

On this image you see Yumex GUI and how install packages

yumex install


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