This tool helps you to put multiple boot operating systems into your USB drive. You can use into your Windows or Linux OS. This MultiBootUSB tool helps you with these tasks: install multiple live Linux distros and other operating systems to a USB disk; make it bootable without erasing existing… Continue Reading MultiBootUSB – the tool for multiple live operating systems.

This tool from the Firefox team let you send and upload with encrypt large files (up to 1GB) to share online. This creates a link to pass along to whoever you want. Just type into the browser address bar and you will get an upload interface. Each link created… Continue Reading The Firefox tool send file to cloud.

This tool will fix some Chrome blocking downloads or seeing network errors. You need to restart Chrome – exit and relaunch Chrome, then try your download again. Using settings make these steps by typing chrome://settings into chrome browser: Clear your cache and cookies. Make sure you have the latest version… Continue Reading Fix the Chrome blocking downloads or seeing network errors.

Open file /etc/issue and change the text:

You can use this to add some new info or ASCII image. The images can be transformed into an ascii image by using convert image to ASCII. One example to convert a picture into ASCII TEXT, HTML is this website: The… Continue Reading Linux: Display or change a pre-login message .

First use this commands to see your IP and IPv6 address and interfaces.

Now if you want to use this every day, just open your .bashrc file from your home folder. Add these functions to the .bashrc file:

Now open a new terminal shell and use it:

About the Shellshock vulnerability, you can read here. Run this command:

If you see this:

You have a Shellshock vulnerability, to fix use this:


Today I will come with some useful commands for your Linux. Some commands need to be installed into your Linux, like ImageMagick. With ImageMagick software you can generate an animated GIF:

This command of ImageMagick will resize to 50% all your png files from your folder:

Use this… Continue Reading Useful commands for linux – part 001.