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Using find comand with newermt yyyy-mm-dd argument.

The find command search for files in a directory hierarchy and this can helping your bash script.

Sometime you can find file modified after given date.

The format of the find is the same also the new argument is: newermt.

Let’s see one example:

The first part is the same like any search command.

… the next command come with

… this means search all files that have been modified after: 2013-10-14 (14 octomber 2013).

You can set the range of time with:

This will find the files between specific times …

Also the good way is to use something like :

or maybe modified after October 1 of the current year.

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The LOAD and uptime , top commands .

Today I will speak about LOAD , uptime , top under your cores..

Let’s get info on each processor in your system

You can get LOAD about your cores using some linux commands.

… using top command

or uptime command:

Load averages are the three numbers shown you the LOAD averages over periods of time: one, five, and fifteen minute averages.

If you want to produce or to put load on LOAD on core or on more cores , then use this

… or to make more LOAD

This will show you how it’s working your cores.

If the LOAD is between 0.00 and 1.00 means there’s no traffic on the bridge at all.

The LOAD can be 1.00 means the bridge is exactly at capacity of core.

On multi-processor system, the load is relative to the number of processor cores available.

This means the load can be more then 1.00 and will working fine.

For example It’s still healthy with a load of 3.00 if you have a quad-processor system.

If you have also one core and the load is 1.70 this means the core is full (1.00) and 0.70 will wait the capacity of core to be released.

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fasm about format ELF executable 3 – part 001 .

The Executable and Linking Format named ELF providing developers with a set of
binary interface definitions that extend across multiple operating environments.

This is one simple example using fasm and ELF executable 3 .

Let’s run it:

Using format ELF executable 3 I can create segment readable executable and use it.

Also this allow me to set the aligned in the memory.

You can come with more infos about this issue.

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Fix error: lib: alc_initconfig: Failed to initialize backend “pulse”Segmentation fault

Just install package pulseaudio and then start it with :

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Working with android emulator – part 001.

Today I will show you how to deal with android emulator.

I use in this tutorial the android from Pygame Subset for Android.

You can use any android SDK and also you can read my tutorial about Pygame Subset for Android.

First you need to install mesa development libs.

The next step is to create one avd.

We can see all avd with :

If you got this error …

…you need to export LD_LIBRARY_PATH and then you can start emulator

You can use -no-audio arg to make emulator faster.

… or just use this:

Tne next command will install your aplucation on emulator. Open another terminal and use this:

And now you can tets your application…

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