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Blender 2.5 – Glare and Defocus

Today I will show a simple way of connecting nodes. In this way we get connected glare and defocus. Start the Blender 3D software version 2.5 with the default cube, see below. We will select a texture for the cube. Go on Node Editor Click on Textures node Now we will add Defocus effect. Go… Read More »

Simple bash script : scan and convert the image in JPG format.

I use to linux commands: scanimage and convert. We can see the script below:

Write the script in a text file.Named the script with this name Run this :

The output will be:

You can use any name for the output. As we see in this example I used firstscan.

XP and msconfig settings

Click Star and click Run, type msconfig , then click OK. You will see something like image below : On General tab you can select one of this : Normal startup : load all device drivers and services Diagnostic startup : load basic devices and services only Selective startup : your own settings Launch System… Read More »

Send emails from linux terminal .

You can test if the sendmail application is installed and working correctly.

If you go on and see the message with “Hello world” then is working. The mail command allow you send emails from linux terminals and to make some tricks for you.

Let’s see some of this options.

Let’s see how… Read More »

Splitting your film in images with ffmpeg

I tested for these types of files avi, flv, mp4 and webm. There are two problems that can occur in this case: The film is small as a dimension and allows sharing without having to consume disk space or time. In this case we will use this:

The movie size is too large and… Read More »