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Install Mono on Windows XP.

To install Mono 2.6.4 with gtk # 2.12.10 softwares, you must download this software from here. In the next image we see all the platforms… We chose the Windows platform. The next image will show you how I installed Mono software” This is all for today.

Unwrapping a mesh under Blender 2.5

The Blender 2.5 has a number of options available to map the UVW coordinates of an object. The “UVW map” is a result of process. This result is essentially a set of co-ordinates use to tell them how a texture image is supposed to be applied over the surfaces of a model. Go on UV… Read More »

Geany – regular expressions – part 3

I used Geany under Windows at this time. Problem to be solved was: Eliminine to start numbering from the source code taken from the Internet. Use keys CTR + H to make replace text with regular expressions and check Use regular expressions from dialog. For this we use the combination &#94[0-9]means the beginning of a… Read More »

Aligning normals in Blender 3d: Ctrl + A

Sometimes when the model in Blender, normals go haywire. Any attempt to fix the normals recalculated normals recalculated outside or inside, fail. This is the case exemplified in the image below Just go on Object Mode select object and press keys Ctrl + A . In that case you’ll be forced to reset transformations (… Read More »