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Read your product key and windows version with VBScript.

First you need to create one file named : productkey.vbs .
Edit this file with this source code:

How it’s working:
You have to select the Windows Registry with two functions: GetProductKey and GetOSVersion.
Also you need to select the entry in the target registry path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE , MyRegKeyName , MyRegKeyValue.
The result of this functions will be a binary and string.
The binary will be converted into string using: ArrayProductKeyChars and one loop ( with for ) versus registry values.

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Cortana features and commands .

Using Cortana can be really fun to talk with your personal Windows 10 assistant.
Today I will show you what can do for you and also some funny voice Cortana commands.

  • Cortana can launch apps.
  • Cortana can search through your files.
  • Cortana can search the web.
  • Cortana can make changes to some Windows 10 settings.
  • Cortana can tell you the weather.
  • Cortana can show you the news.
  • Cortana can keep track of your calendar.
  • Cortana can add events to your calendar.
  • Cortana can set reminders for you.
  • Cortana can set alarms.
  • Cortana can play music.
  • Cortana can do music recognition.
  • Cortana can make mathematical calculations.
  • Cortana can convert units.
  • Cortana can give you directions.
  • Cortana can define words.

Let’s see some funny Cortana voice commands and questions:

What does Cortana mean?
Are you a male or a female?
Are you real?
What are you wearing?
What do you look like?
Where do you live?
Who is your maker?
Who is your father?
When were you born?
When will you die?
Are you beautiful?
Are you happy?
Will you marry me?
What music do you like?
What’s your favorite animal?
What do you like?
Tell me a joke!
Tell me something funny!
Tell me a story!
Surprise me!
Sing me a song!
Sing me a lullaby!
Why did the chicken cross the road?
What does a cat say?
What does the Fox say?
May the force be with you!
Use the force Luke!
What’s Halo?
Beam me up!
Do you speak Klingon?
Rock, paper, scissors.
Knock, Knock.
What is the meaning of life?
Why are we here?
Do you believe in ghosts?
Do you believe in God?
What is the best search engine?
What’s your opinion about iPhone?
Do you know Siri?
Do you know Google Now?
What’s the best smartphone?
What’s up?
You’re awesome!
I like you!
I don’t like you!
Do you like me?
Good morning!
See you later!

Let’s see one example:
Set your Cortana settings for your voice and just press keys : Win + C or say : “Hey, Cortana!
After the Cortana dialog show you , say this: “Tell me something funny!
… and will get one funny answer.

cortana commands and funny

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