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Programming with C# and Unity 3D game engine – part 002

Today I will show you how to install Unity 5 for free. First will need to download it from official website – free download. You need to follow this steps: Select Unity 5 Personal Edition. Fill with your email adress and password from Unity website account. Select your answers … Press the blue button Start… Read More »

ffmpeg – windows record webcam with sounds and video.

If you want to record your webcam with sound then this is a great tutorial. So …, this can be is very simple , just download ffmpeg last version and use this command :

The Front Camera and Microphone (Realtek High Definition Audio) – in my case – use with this command:

Free Alarm Clock – version 3.1

This great application – Free Alarm Clock allows you to set as many alarms as you want. You can set one-time alarms or repeating alarms every day every day in the week with different alarms to indicate your activities. Also, comes with several tones and offers full access to your music library. After you set… Read More »

How to record sound from microphone with ffmpeg.

First you need to download the last ffmpeg software version. You can find it here. Next you need to see the microphone hardware. You need to use this command to see all your devices:

The result show you like strings

After that use this command to record your microphone:

Than will create… Read More »