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Use Fingerprints to check web server’s secure connection certificate.

To make sure that you are connected to the right secure website you can use Fingerprints website. You compare the fingerprint of its certificate in your browser against a trusted source that provides you with fingerprint records. Looking up fingerprint certificates because each web browser handles this in a different way. Now compare the fingerprint […]

Find people interesting about something with facebook.

This is very simple task to find people on facebook. What you need is firstname and last name interesting about something , like Python in this case. Open your facebook profile and type this:

See the next image :

Make your mozilla browsers faster.

If you use mozilla browsers like firefox, iceweasel or else the is a way to make it faster. Just disabling hardware acceleration seems to have made Firefox open drastically faster. Go to browser settings Options – Advanced and uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available, see next image:

Setting up Django with nginx on Windows XP

To use Django need to know some basic things. What is Django, where you take and how to install. How it works Django and how it tested. What additional softwares and settings you should do to work properly. What is Django, where you take and how to install. Django is an open source web application […]

XP and msconfig settings

Click Star and click Run, type msconfig , then click OK. You will see something like image below : On General tab you can select one of this : Normal startup : load all device drivers and services Diagnostic startup : load basic devices and services only Selective startup : your own settings Launch System […]