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Windows XP Tweaking – part 1

Windows 7 appeared, but Windows XP is still used by many users.
In this tutorial i will show some tweaks.

Optimize Boot Files


You need to reboot after applying this tweak. This key setting enables the boot files defragmenter.

This move the boot files to the beginning part of the partition and make fastest booting process.

Setting EnablePrefetcher

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters]

On this key the default setting is 3 , set on 5.This gives more system resources to prefetch application data for faster load times.

Master File Table Zone Reservation


This key named NtfsMftZoneReservation with default setting is 1. The range is from 1 to 4

If you have 1 then system use one-eighth of the volume for the MFT, 2 reserves one-quarter, 3 reserves three-eighths of MFT and 4 4 reserves half of the volume. I use 2 option.

Force XP to unload DLL’s


If don’t have this key then is need to create it.

XP keeping dynamic link libraries, this key force XP to unload any DLLs in memory when the application is no longer in memory.

Disable “user tracking”


Many users don’t use information collected by XP. Set it to 1 and will disable user tracking features of the system.

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Loki – render farm

What is Loki software ?

If you  having several computers work together can greatly decrease the total time needed.

Loki Render is a cross-platform job queue manager for rendering 3D frames.

Loki Render distributes the rendering of Blender 3D images named frames across several computer.

How to install the software ?

You can download this software from : .

Extract the zip file.

  • Windows: double-click “lokiRender_062.exe”.
  • Linux/Mac/Solaris: browse to the extracted directory and run ““.
  • Or, on all platforms, just run something like “java -jar lokiRender_062.jar“.

How to set Loki software ?

I try this software with a blend file created with blender 2.49.

I use two computers .First  is server on Fedora 12 and second is on XP .

On File -> Preferences ( Ctr+P ) you can set the role of rendering . I set “Master and Grunt” on Fedora 12

and “Grunt” on XP. You can set the limit of memory space .

On second tab “local grunt”  you need to set the PATH of blender ( on Fedora is /usr/bin/blender.bin) .

The same settings must be set in Windows XP. The other settings are for advanced users.

render farm

How to add job on Loki software ?

First click on “Jobs”  – >  “New”  ( Ctr + N keys) . This will be open a new window.

render farm

Press “Browser” button to add your blend file. The result will be on “Output Directory”.

You can set “First Frame” and “Last Frame”. The result will be set of images from first on last frame.

This is a screenshot of Loki software running:

render farm

The official site :

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