According to this article the NVIDIA driver comes with many useful processes: Depending on how you use your video card, you may be able to disable even more processes. NVIDIA Backend (NvBackend.exe) – This is part of Nvidia GeForce Experience. NVIDIA Capture Server (nvspcaps64.exe) – Also part of GeForce Experience… Continue Reading Article about NVIDIA processes.

Today, January 4, 2017, comes with the new released version of x64dbg debugger application. This is an open-source x64/x32 debugger for windows and is under constant active development. The x64dbg can debug both x64 and x32 applications and used Qt, TitanEngine, capstone, Yara, Scylla, Jansson, lz4, XEDParse, Keystone, asmjit and… Continue Reading New x64dbg debugger released.

Rufus is a utility that helps format and creates bootable USB flash drives, pen drives, memory sticks, etc. It is developed by Pete Batard of Akeo Consulting. The Rufus application is a free and open-source portable application for Microsoft Windows and can be found here. I used Rufus 2.11 Portable… Continue Reading Create bootable USB drives with Rufus application.

FontForge requires an X server to be running so it can display its user interface. This distribution happens to use VcXsrv, which can allow for remote connections – since FontForge doesn’t use (or require) that, it is safe to keep blocking vcxsrv.exe. – just check Private networks, such as my… Continue Reading Using FontForge application – part 001.

Today I will tell you about how to use additional form into C# source code without using Form Design. First, you need to open under Visual Studio 2015 a new project Windows Form Application. This project will come with a windows form. Press Ctr+Alt+X keys and will see the Toolbox… Continue Reading Using C # and Visual Studio 2015 to make additional form.

You need to have an account at I used a free trial account to make this demo application. You need to take for you a number on that support Twilio SMS. I got one in the US to send SMS to my country. Open your Visual Studio and create… Continue Reading Using C# with twilio to send SMS – part 001.

It quickly when working with a computer keyboard and this is the reason for doing this tutorial. Today I show you some common commands used with keys: windows key + R.

Under Windows 10 settings will need to see and make your change for WiFi. Open Settings will see on the Network & Internet icon and WiFi. The settings can be used or not to set the On-Off button. I used most of the settings with Off for hotspots for security reasons… Continue Reading Network and Windows – WiFi and hotspots settings.