You can test connectivity with the PowerShell administrator mode by using the next commands:

Let’s start with Test-NetConnection command. This command displays diagnostic information for a connection. Depending on the input you can test ping test, TCP test, route tracing, and route selection diagnostics and also get info about… Continue Reading PowerShell tips – part 006.

This is another tutorial about PowerShell tips and one PowerShell command: Get-WindowsOptionalFeature. Start by using the windows key and try to find the PowerShell by typing: PowerShell. When you see it use right-click the Windows PowerShell and select Run As Administrator from the action menu. This will open the PowerShell… Continue Reading PowerShell tips – part 005.

If your VirtualBox OS is out of space because you make a small vdi image on disk. You can resize this file and fix the problem. This can be easily done with the next command.

This tool helps you to put multiple boot operating systems into your USB drive. You can use into your Windows or Linux OS. This MultiBootUSB tool helps you with these tasks: install multiple live Linux distros and other operating systems to a USB disk; make it bootable without erasing existing… Continue Reading MultiBootUSB – the tool for multiple live operating systems.

This tutorial lets you learn how to test applications that require the latest Android operating system. It’s a compromise solution that requires very good hardware or hardware virtualization to run applications easily. Applications can then be installed through shared cross-emulator solutions and share sharing application and run on the emulator.… Continue Reading Test last Android OS with VirtualBox.

This tool from the Firefox team let you send and upload with encrypt large files (up to 1GB) to share online. This creates a link to pass along to whoever you want. Just type into the browser address bar and you will get an upload interface. Each link created… Continue Reading The Firefox tool send file to cloud.

I have locked the time on windows with the w32tm command. After I got through 2015 I had to update my Windows time. Although I have the same error at w32tm, here’s how we solved the problem:

Turbo applications run instantly on all your desktops and the cloud with this web tool. The pricing can be found here. For free version you can get just: Run on Windows Desktops Use Public and Private Repositories 100GB Storage streams applications through a small extension under your browser. runs… Continue Reading The tool – your desktops and the cloud.